Taiyuan, China

2018 7th International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-Electronics

Full Paper Submission:

February 1, 2018

Acceptance Notification:

February 5, 2018

Registration Deadline

February 13, 2018




1. Semiconductors and applications

Special semiconductors
Tunable bandgap semiconductors
Breakdown voltage
Chemical and thermal stability
Power amplification at very high frequencies
High temperature electronics
LEDs and lasers
Piezoelectric filters

2. Design, models and languages

Languages and models for specification and design of hardware
Robust, reliable and/or safe embedded electronics
Circuits/hardware description languages
Standards related to design languages
Processor and memory design
Embedded system design
VHDL-related standards
Electronic circuits modelling
Automatic generation of models
Quantitative analysis of models
Distributed CAD systems
Collaborative design based on Internet and WWW
Electronic systems design based on WWW
System- and high-level synthesis, HW/SW codesign

3. Signal processing circuits

Signal processing
High-speed signal processing
Multi-scale signal processing and imaging
Asynchronous circuits and systems
High frequency processing
Power and signal amplifiers
Parallel processing circuits
Equalization processing
Compression, transcoding, and applied signal processing

4. Arithmetic computational circuits

Operational arithmetic circuits
Basic arithmetic operations
Modular operations
Decimal-floating point operations
Multiple-precision operations
Squaring and exponentiation
Polynomial evaluations
Periodic functions
Operational approximations
Parallel decimal operations

5. Microelectronics

Components and circuits for communications
HMIC and MMIC design
Lasers and mini-lasers
Miniature devices
Low power electronics
Nano-scale electronics materials

6. Electronics technologies

Organic optoelectronic
Implantable electronics
Wearable electronics
Low power electronics
Electronic microarray technology and applications
RF and Microwave

7. Special circuits

Programmable circuits
Design of reconfigurable micro-chips
VLSI circuits design
Low-noise circuits
Digital modulators
Thermal circuits
Reconfigurable circuits
Dynamically reconfigurable processors
VCOs and phased-array transmitters

8. Consumer electronics

Home-oriented electronics
Biometric circuits
Home gateway
Home theater circuitry
Game systems
Interactive and directed programming electronics
Advanced DVD and CD
Interactive and directed programming electronics

9. Application-oriented electronics

Navigation electronics
Industrial electronics
Automotive electronics
Application-oriented electronics
Telemedicine and eHealth electronics
Biochip design for health science applications
Bio-systems and miniature instruments
Biosensors and biosensor networks
Industrial measurement electronics
Industrial control electronics
Energy distribution electronics
Energy saving and conversion circuits
Indoor and outdoor light control systems
Power electronics
Avionics electronics
Railways electronics
Vehicular electronics
Embedded electronics
Process industry electronics




CENICS 2018 is sponsored by Comptuer Science and Electronic Technology International Society. The focus of the conference is to establish an effective platform for institutions and industries to share ideas and to present the works of scientists, engineers, educators and students from all over the world. The organizing committee of conference is pleased to invite prospective authors to submit their original manuscripts to CENICS 2018.